From music festivals in the Netherlands to writing about sustainable projects here in Australia, I have quite literally travelled around the world with my writing.

My passion for writing began in school in England, I realised I enjoyed telling stories and immersing people in my ideas! I have been very fortunate to experience many cultures, countries and ways of life.

One place in particular has been my favourite and that’s Australia. It’s been my home for over 16 months now and the journey has been incredible. I have lived in the desert, in the mountains and the great city of Sydney.

My journey started in the UK, with a French mother and English father. At the age of 19, I was offered the chance to play cricket at a good level in the Northern Territory.

Instantly, I took the opportunity and within 2 weeks I arrived in Alice Springs. I spent the first two months playing cricket in some intense unrelenting 40oc heat while working as a photographer at a shopping centre in town.

Alice Springs is one of the most unique places I have lived in. It experiences long, dry, scorching hot summers as well as warm winters. The landscape is far from what you would expect in a hot desert as there are mountains, scenic waterholes and fascinating native wildlife.

After the first half of the cricket season had finished, I travelled to Sydney for my first Christmas down under. I left Alice Springs airport on Christmas morning where it was a cool 46oc!

A summer well spent in Sydney seeing it’s famous sights and beaches, it was time to head back to the territory for the second instalment. However, with Covid-19 beginning to spread around the world, I found myself unexpectedly staying for longer! I was supposed to move back to Sydney in April but I stayed in the NT until nearly October.

This gave me the opportunity to explore the Northern Territory in all it’s glory, without tourists around! This had to be the most unique situation, and the family that I was living with took me bushwalking and camping frequently. The majority of time was spent

exploring the West Macdonnell mountain range which is thought to be the oldest mountain range in the world. There’s something so revitalising and grounding about sleeping under the magical stars of the NT while surrounded by friends and BBQs.

Since returning to Sydney, I have opened a cricket coaching academy and I am working more in photography and writing! I am currently writing for Tutto, Travel Radar, AceHSC and EcoBuy.

I love this country, Australia is full of happy, friendly and welcoming people who are open-minded and adventurous. Australia is waiting for you and I hope to see you soon.